Backcountry and Snowsports

Fresh Descents has chosen a simple eclectic 'light is right' mix of backcountry gear which allows fast and safe travel in our mountains and valleys

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  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 (70ltr+) Windrider
    The solution to the high-volume pack that weighs too much before it’s even loaded, the 4400 Windrider is ideal for expeditions and multi-sport adventures where resupplies are infrequent. Made for extreme environments, we designed these ultralight packs with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber) and additional elastic frame sheets that provide support for extra load carrying capacity.
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 (55ltr) Ice Pack
    We had the multi-day alpine climber in mind when we expanded our alpine backpack line to include the 3400 Ice Pack. Streamlined and minimalist, this ultralight backpack is perfect for light and fast alpine ascents—a one- or two-day FA in the Ruth, Alaska, or a Teton’s Grand Traverse-style link up. Given a four-star review in Rock & Ice magazine’s 2013 Photo Annual issue, this pack offers exactly what you need and nothing more (i.e. no frills, gizmos or fancy “extras”). Made from 100% waterproof Cuben Fiber, the 3400 Ice Pack is highly durable and weatherproof. Use this backpack with our Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks for a nearly perfect waterproof kit.
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 (40ltr+) Southwest
    Made for gnarly bushwhacking or desert sandstone adventures, the 2400 Southwest was designed to be used hard. Optimized for comfort and high functionality, this backpack is ideal for weekend hikes, section hiking or months on the trail where frequent resupply points are available. Built with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber), the 2400 Southwest is bombproof and foolproof. Use it with our Stuff Sacks for a highly rainproof kit.
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear - Daybreak
    Ultralight techniques don’t just apply to carrying minimal weight on long-distance adventures; they are equally important for speed and efficiency while hiking technically challenging trails in sub-24 hours. Our Daybreak is an optimized, high-performance, ultralight daypack constructed with waterproof, rip-stop Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber). It comes in small, medium and large, and will stay snug and comfortable while you navigate tricky terrain.
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear - Echo II Tarp
    Designed for passionate, goal-oriented thru hikers and backpackers, the Echo II Tarp provides the ultimate in lightweight shelter versatility. With its tight catenary cut, sealed ridgeline and double reinforced tie-outs, this ultralight tarp tent is perfect for skilled adventurers accustomed to sleeping directly on the ground. It provides almost 70 square feet of coverage, but weighs less than a glass of water. Pitch it at varying heights and angles using hiking or tent poles or even tie it out to trees. Set up takes two to five minutes. Available in Classic White or Spruce Green. Stakes sold separately.
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear - Echo II Insert
    Ideal for passionate, goal-oriented adventurers hiking or backpacking through wet, buggy landscapes, the two-person Echo II Insert clips directly into the Echo II Tarp. Made with a 100% waterproof DCF11 floor and side panels and no-see-um bug mesh, it converts the tarp into a fully-enclosed zipped and floored tent system. You can also use it as a ground cloth in nice weather or alone when the mosquitoes are bad. Set up takes one minute. We recommend you utilize adjustable trekking poles for set up. Our Inserts also work with the 8’6 x 8’6 and 8’ x 10’ Flat Tarps. Stakes sold separately.
  • Aspiring Deluxe Canyoning Bag
    Our large reinforced canyoning bag with excellent drainage. Designed specifically for the challenging environments found in New Zealand and Australia canyons.
  • inReach™ SE
    The satellite communicator that allows you to type, send and receive, track and SOS all from the palm of your hand! If you’re going off the grid, stay in touch with inReach™. Now you can both send and receive messages — that means interactive SOS messages, text messages, emails, social network updates and GPS tracking. In short, an affordable remote satellite connection that is no less than revolutionary.
  • Ready Heat Warming Vest
    The Ready-Heat Warming Vest uses the same heating technology as our blankets, and comes in an Overhead Style for maximum comfort. It warms to 100°F/37.8°C in 8-10 minutes, and works off a low amount of oxygen making it perfect for wearing under your jacket for increased protection against the cold.
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  • Grivel Condor 18.16 Touring Pole
    18 mm and 16 mm two-section pole, adjustable through the patented Up&Down system.
    Hot forged extractable steel blade to overcome difficult and dangerous situations.
    Saturn basket
  • Ortovox Pro Alu 3 Shovel w Pocket Spike
    In this latest iteration of an ORTOVOX classic we've used the most innovative materials available and cutting edge production methods to achieve the best weight-to-rigidity ratio possible. Stabilization ribs and high sidewalls give the anodized blade rigidity, while the integrated shaft socket makes it easy to pack. With the new quick-lock, the blade and the fluted telescoping shaft can be put together in one motion. The new T-Grip Pro is revolutionary. It can be inserted for both right and left-handers - and also facilitates economical clearing. One hand grasps the long grip side, which serves as an ergonomic lever, while the other hand has maximum hold on the shaft's rubber-coated grip zone.
  • Grivel Haute Route - Ski matic
    We have designed a specific product for ski touring considering the technical needs of users together with the search of simplicity and lightness. Totally new and “bomb-proof” model that can easily adapt to the modern ski touring boots. Front part made of steel with 6 points arranged in rational order.
    Flex regulation bar.
    Rear part made of light alloy with 4 points. Antibott mounted on the rear part, optional in the front part but included in the package. Compact storage and minimum weight for transport. Weight 558 grams with antibot plates