Fresh Descents has chosen a simple eclectic 'light is right' mix of backcountry gear which allows fast and safe travel in our mountains and valleys

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  • 5.10 Canyoneer 3
    The Five Ten Men's Canyoneer 3 Shoes' hydrophobic upper, quick-draining design, and ultra-sticky soles make them a solid choice for canyoneering. A combination of mesh, welded rubber, and TPU help these shoes battle water when you have to wade through the cold and smelly remains of flash-floods, and the Stealth S1 rubber soles provide the Shoes with the traction you need when stemming narrow slots. New to the Canyoneer 3 is an asymmetric lace closure system with mesh pocket which is simple and dependable in canyons. Although Five Ten made these shoes for technical canyoneering, the shoes have also found a solid following with both rafters and whitewater kayakers.
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  • Aspiring Deluxe Canyoning Bag
    Our large reinforced canyoning bag with excellent drainage. Designed specifically for the challenging environments found in New Zealand and Australia canyons.
  • Aspiring Adventure Harness – Canyoning
    Aspiring's flagship outdoor education harness. Developed in 1991 specifically for group instruction, which is renowned for it's rugged construction and durability.
  • Fenix HL23
    Rugged Aluminum housing and waterproof construction, the IP68 rated HL23 adventure proof headlamp is ready for anything you can throw at it. Armed with a powerful Cree XP-G2 LED, this one AA battery powered headlamp provides 150-lumen output with 55-meter beam distance. Featuring three brightness levels, HL23 is a great choice for your nighttime adventures.
  • Aspiring Double Cowstail
    Fixed length dual arm cowstail available in various lengths including offset lengths popular with canyoneers.
  • CT Otto Big Figure 8
    A classic figure eight descender, ideal for belaying the leader in a dynamic way and for abseiling.
  • CT Snappy HMS Screw Gate Carabiner
    Carabiner HMS screw-lock aluminium CT orange
  • CT Lime Twist Lock or Screw Gate Carabiner
    Compact hot-forged light alloy carabiner with twist-lock gate or screw gate, designed for mountaineering and sport climb in general.
  • CT Truck Tool Holder
    Composite polyamide tool holder, weightless and practical.
  • CT Quick Step A Foot Ascender
    Ascender for the right or left foot, when used in conjunction with an ascender handle (e.g. Quick Up) or a chest ascender (e.g. Chest Evo Ascender), makes it easier and speeds up the ascent of a rope.
  • CT Roll-N-Lock Pulley
    Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations.
  • Edelrid Canyoning Rescue Knife
    Rescue and rope knife for cutting rope and webbing when canyoning, caving, or climbing.
  • Maillon Oval Screw-link 8mm
    The standard oval shapes are are the most widely used screw-links. They are ideal for connecting to hardware such as bolt hangers or wire cables, and have the highest strength of any screw-link shape for the size of the material. They are also the cheapest option.
  • Canyoning Technical Manual
    The essential canyoning technical manual for aquatic canyons covering core canyoning practices. Recreational canyoners will find this manual very useful, especially those coming from other disciplines such as climbing, caving and kayaking. It will also be very useful for guiding and leading as, in addition to the core practices, group techniques are covered.
    Includes information on trip planning, equipment, teamwork, movement, water hazards, abseiling, ascending, knotcraft, pitch setup, pitch rigging, belay, lowering and raising.